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How is the Inti Raymi 2019 set?

How is the Inti Raymi 2019 set?


Cusco Inti Raymi 2019 6 Days 5 Nights + Rainbow mountain

Cusco Inti Raymi 2019

6 Days 5 Nights

Día 21: Arrival in Cusco + City Tour  Group service Pick-up from the airport and transfer to the hotel of your choice Morning without...



5 Days 4 Nights

CUSCO INTI RAYMI 2019 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS + RAINBOW MOUNTAIN 22nd of June: Sacred Valley of the Incas – Machupicchu Breakfast at the...


Inti raymi 2019

Full day

24 of Junio: Inti Raymi The 24th of June the festival in honour of the Sun God is performed on three historic and natural...

Machu Picchu The Inca Sanctuary 5D / 4N

Machu Picchu The Inca Sanctuary

5D / 4N

tour Machu Picchu The Inca Sanctuary Departures: Daily Day 01: Cusco Arrival. Reception at the airport and transfer to hotel. We are welcomed at the...

Inti Raymi is a ceremony or festivity that the villagers of Cusco (Qosqo) used to celebrate every winter solstice when the seasons changed in honor of the Sun God. In this ceremony guided by THE INCA (the Inca was the highest authority of the empire) and all of the states of the empire (the states are known as SUYOS) united to worship the Sun.

This ceremony was handed down from generation to generation and crossed the barriers of times via chronicles and authors that documented this magnificent event that to present time and is celebrated on the forecourt of Saqsayhuaman close to the city of Cusco on the 24th of June every year.

The script used for Inti Raymi 2019 is built up as every year on 3 different stages.

The Inti Raymi in Qoricancha or the Sun Temple

Qoricancha – this is where the ceremony of Inti Raymi begins, it’s here that the Inca starts the ceremony in the temple of Qoricancha inside the city of Cusco, it’s a relatively short act and when it’s finished the Inca and his people steer towards the next location in the city of Cusco.

The Inti Raymi in the main square of Cusco

The main square – When the Inca moves through the streets of the center of the city, especially the streets Pampa del Castillo and Loreto, filled with Incan walls to get to the main square of Cusco where the famous two worlds act is performed. The Inca, the absolute governor of the old empire, and the mayor of the city of Cusco meet; the Inca invites him to continue doing a good joy in the city of Cusco, the old capital of the empire. When the act finishes everyone steers towards the final setting where the main ceremony of Inti Raymi 2019 will be held.

The Inti Raymi in Saqsayhuaman

Saqsayhuaman – It’s here where one can finally appreciate the splendor and magic of Inti Raymi 2019. The forecourt of Saqysahuaman fills with the spectators and in the middle the ones that give life to this ceremony are united. Inti Raymi 2019 is a spectacle filled with color and many surprises held in the old language of the empire; Quechua, but a translator isn’t necessary to be able to understand the meaning of this ceremony. The magic is felt through every word that the Inca releases to the wind and then booms into the thrilled hearts.

The ceremony of Inti Raymi or the sun festival 2019 is open for everyone that want to get to know it, the stages of the first two acts, Qoricancha and the main square of Cusco, are totally free of charge and everyone that wants to can look at the ceremony here but in Saqsayhuaman we need an entrance tickets to the tribunes.

We invite you to book a trip in June to get to know the magic of Inti Raymi 2019, furthermore you can travel to Machu Picchu or the Rainbow Mountain, and we have a great variety of tours that can be custom made.






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