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We are a tour operator and travel agent from Peru.

Trips Peru fulfills all the requirements from DRIT (The Regional Management of industries and tourism) and PROM Peru (The subdepartment of tourism promoting in Peru) to carry out tourism related services.

Our itineraries are exclusively based on Perus touristic circuits and their different attractions. We offer a great variety of tours and holidays in Peru, where you will have an unforgettable experience.

All of the itineraries that we offer are custom made for our national and international tourists, we modify them to suit our clients.

At Trips Peru we believe in excellency, security and quality in our services towards our clients. For that reason we strive to satisfy your needs and demands.

Thank you for choosing us.


To promote tourism through digital media and that way contribute to better the services from the Peruvian tourism corporations, promoting respect in humans, respecting the nature and a worthy life. As a result we can help the poorest of our society.


To be market leading in year 2025 as a company specialized in tours and tourism, promoting Peru as the best tourist destination in the world, thanks to the diverse tourist attractions that the country offers.


We strive for a responsible tourism activity. We try to be participants and not just simple observers, we encourage to better the life quality of the community that owns the tourist attraction and to conserve the environment by controlling our impact that we make by our activities. In that way we consider that the biggest promotors of sustainable tourism are you, the tourist that prefers and chooses Peru as a majestic tourist destination.


Trips Peru are committed to two Christian principles “Love your neighbor as you love yourself” and “Help the needy”. Our background based on these principles guide us to always remember that the people are the most important in our job, not only our staff but also the people that forms part of the communities where we perform our activities.

These are the reasons that inspires and strengthens us because we believe that there is no higher purpose than to help the ones in need.

We are people that love people.

Check out one of the projects that we support LOS ANGELITOS DE SION


Our mission is “We share our satisfaction with our clients” through our tours that includes visits to different natural, cultural, exotic and rural places. We are group that have a capacity to meet up to our clients expectations.

We use our skills, knowledge and experience to offer a good service to our clients so that they leave Peru with fond memories.

We want your only worry to be enjoying your trip.

We make a difference!

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